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Cranston World Martial Arts for Adults and Teens - If you're ready to get in great shape, try a whole-body workout that's so much fun, you'll wonder why they call it a "workout", then you have found the perfect place.

You'll be in the best shape of your life, meet new people and learn vital self-defense skills. Our action-packed adult and teen martial arts classes are your answer for exercise, self-defense, confidence and greater targeted focus.

Martial Arts is for Everybody

Previous experience in martial arts isn't necessary for enjoying and benefiting from all that our karate classes offer. Because we offer the full spectrum of martial arts training, you'll find the right class and curriculum for your skill level or taste, whether you're an experienced martial artist who wants to stay sharp or a new student who's walking into a karate class for the first time.

Countless people start their martial arts training as adults, so you'll be in good company if you're new to it. You'll find knowledgeable instructors who are happy to work at a pace that keeps things exciting, rewarding and personalized for your needs and goals. What surprises new aspiring martial artists the most is how much fun they have and how exhilarated they feel after each and every class. Our expert instructors know how to make every class a blast.

If you're returning to martial arts classes after months or years away, we'd love to welcome you back. Those classes that you used to enjoy so much are just as fun today, and you'll find plenty of other returning students in your classes. Even if you've been away for years, you'll be amazed at how much will come back to you once you're in class. Our knowledgeable staff at Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate can make your martial arts experience better than ever.

Expect Results from Martial Arts Training

We won't lie; it takes work and dedication to get in great shape. That is what we are here for. We will guide you, mentor you, and continually encourage you to push your limits at a pace that works for you. That work doesn't have to be dull, though. If your usual routine feels more like work than a workout, then come to Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate and learn to play again. You'll still get a great full-body workout, but instead of logging endless miles on a treadmill or exercising by yourself, you'll love every minute of learning how to perform exciting moves you've only seen in movies. Whether you invite a friend to join you or meet new people in our classes, you'll also enjoy the social aspects of martial arts instruction.

Each of our classes focuses on all four aspects of physical fitness:

  • Stamina

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • No matter where you stand now, your physical fitness will improve dramatically from regular martial arts practice.

    Martial Arts Training Is More than Skin Deep

    You'll look and feel fantastic from your martial arts training, but the benefits don't stop with physical fitness. The discipline underlying martial arts practice also leads to sharper mental focus. Lowering your stress and sharpening your focus can improve your life in ways that reach far beyond the classroom.

    Your body will not only look better, it will perform better. Some of the skills you'll learn from our classes include:

  • Grappling: You've seen submission grappling holds if you've ever watched mixed martial arts combat, but these holds are vital self-defense moves too. These skills can neutralize an opponent and even teach you how to escape and defend yourself against an armed opponent. It is all about leverage and skill, not braun and muscle.

  • Striking: Taekwondo roughly translates to "the path of hand and foot." Through it, you'll develop greater speed and accuracy with your kicks and hand strikes.

  • Readiness: Successful self-defense relies on being ready before you're ever in a dangerous situation. Our instructors will help you increase your awareness and keep you ready to defend yourself at all times.

    Trial Programs at Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate

    Our expert staff members at Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate want you to see for yourself what we can do for you. Take us up on our trial program offer and discover your best self through martial arts. Call us at 401-484-1814 to set an appointment for a tour. We're also happy to answer any questions, so call anytime and speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly instructors.
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    Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate
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