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Welcome to Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate! We are your one-stop karate and fitness resource offering an excellent alternative for healthy, fun & rewarding activities.

We provide realistic, street smart self-defense, a whole-body fitness curriculum, workshops and special events for the entire family. Whether you are looking to provide your child with a strong foundation with the amazing benefits of martial arts, or if you'd like to improve and enhance your own level of fitness and self-defense skills, we are sure to have a class or program that's just perfect.

All Ages and Experience Levels are Welcome

At Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate, our goal is to turn every student into a black belt from the inside out, which means that we work with men, women and children to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in many different areas of life. Our fun, action-packed classes don't just focus on physical activity. They also incorporate lessons about discipline, respect and exercise. Each class includes conditioning, stretching, aerobic and anaerobic activities, self-defense techniques and a whole lot of fun.

Special Events and Activities

Did you know that Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate also hosts special events and activities for its' members, including their family and friends? Keep your eyes open for the following fun events:

  • Cool Movie Nights for friends and siblings

  • Tournaments - (bring out the cameras and collect the tropies)

  • Parents' Nights Out - Parents can enjoy a few hours out on the town knowing your child is safe, having a total blast and making new friends.

  • Holiday Parties throughout the year

  • Bring-a-Buddy themed FUN Nights

  • Fun-Filled Challenges and Contests to help develop a competitive spirit
  • Workshops and Seminars

    In addition to holding classes for men, women and children of all ages and experience levels, Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate is proud to offer an ever-changing line-up of exciting workshops and seminars. One of our most popular seminars teaches real-life instruction, using common situational tactics when dealing with bullies. We pride ourselves in teaching our students how to avoid and protect themselves against bullies and never fall prey to peer pressue.

    Flexible Hours that Fit Your Busy Schedule

    At Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate, we know how busy today's families are. We don't want anyone to miss out on the joy of martial arts and karate, so we strive to offer a wide array of classes at convenient times. Come on in and try a class - we know you will love it and want to keep coming back.

    After School Karate

    Cranston World Martial Arts hosts many After School Programs all over Rhode Island. If your child has been invited to attend one of our classes at their school, that's great! He or she will learn the values of Martial Arts such as Respect, Focus, Discipline, and Confidence, as well as Self Defense and Physical Fitness. Our award winning "Character Development Program" will help your child to continue their training while at home! Have more questions? Call us at 401-484-1814.

    Amazing Staff

    Instructors at World Martial Arts are all certified Black Belts and higher, and all have had proper background checks to ensure the highest quality and safety. With over 50 years of combined experience, our Instructors are the best around! More importantly, our curriculum is award winning and has been tried and tested for over 35 years. Being part of Park's Martial Arts Federation (www.KickAtParks.com), World Martial Arts brings authenticity and broad Martial Arts training to Rhode Island!

    Development of the Whole Person

    Our philosophy at Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate is that no martial arts or karate lesson is complete without developing the "whole person." You'll enjoy the quick results of the physical conditioning training, but you'll also be enriched mentally and emotionally. Our exciting, action-packed classes also include self-defense techniques that help to keep you safe in the real world. Our state-of-the-art facilities and ever evolving curriculum are specially designed for fast, efficient learning, so you'll be well on your way to achieving a black belt in no time.

    Don't Wait Another Minute - Sign Up Today by calling 401-484-1814!

    We offer a FREE trial class to all potential new students. This is the best way to see what our school is all about, and experience a REAL Martial Arts class! ALL new students receive a FREE gift of a White Belt upon completion of your first class! WOW!

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    Cranston World Martial Arts & Kids Karate
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